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Creating Engaging Physical Products

Add digital engagement to physical products for enhanced customer experiences.


All in One, Scalable, Product

Authentication ToolEngagement PlatformAdvertising Channel

Provide product authenticity and content driven experiences with a smartphone scan, while accessing data driven insights to understand when, where and how your consumers are using your products and how to engage with them digitally.
Proactive Brand Protection

Proactive Brand Protection

Protect your brand from counterfeit products that may expose your brand to inferior products. Maintain your brand integrity by offering blockchain driven product authentication.

Exclusive Experiences

Exclusive Experiences

Drive exclusive content or experiences to those that purchase your products. More than 53% of consumers favor brands with transparency and clarity for their purchases.

Valuable Insights

Valuable Insights

Access advanced analytics and measure consumer engagement so you can optimize your brand messaging and unlock new marketing channels.

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There are lots of ways to utilize Berify with your products and brand. Please reach out to an account representative for any questions. 


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