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What are RFIDs?

RFID tags are becoming increasingly popular and more common in our world. But what are they, exactly?


RFID tags are electronic devices that emit a signal that can be read by an RFID reader. The tag contains information about the object it is attached to, which can be used to track and identify the object. Phones do not have RFID readers but other applications of RFID are widespread, from automated car gates, badges for entry, and security tags in shops to more industrial purposes like inventory management and supply chain traceability.

How do RFIDs work?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, and refers to the technology that allows objects to be identified using radio waves. An RFID tag is a small chip that is embedded in or attached to an object, which contains information about that object. When an RFID reader emits a radio signal, the tag responds by transmitting its unique identifier back to the reader. This process allows objects to be tracked and identified automatically.

What are the Benefits of RFIDs?

RFID tags offer many benefits over traditional identification methods, such as barcodes. They can be read faster and from a greater distance, and do not require a line of sight to be read. Additionally, RFID tags can store more information than barcodes, and can be read by multiple readers simultaneously. Compared to NFC tags, RFID tags are more rugged and can withstand harsher environments.

How do RFIDs Work with Blockchain?

The data stored on an RFID tag can be used to track the history of an object, and this information can be stored on a blockchain. This provides a secure and tamper-proof way to track the movement of objects, and can be used to verify the authentication of products. Additionally, RFID tags can be used to trigger smart contracts, which can automate supply chain processes. By adding NFCs with RFIDs, a product’s history can also be tracked end-to-end from the production to when a person scans the NFCs. 

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