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Blockchain-Based Product Authentication and Content Sharing System

Issued US Patent No: 11,720,906, 11,720,907, and 11,798,008
Pending US Patent No: 17/770,928
Pending International Application: PCT/US23/15682

Product verification system and method of using blockchain technology to instantly authenticate a product that can also enhance the user’s experience by providing customized content.  This invention also be used in the supply chain to know where a particular product is at any point. 

Scanning a code associated with a product triggers various kinds of services.

Reward Tokens Exchange System

Issued US Patent No: 11,734,677
Pending US Patent No: 18/335,759
Pending International Application: PCT/US23/25461

This framework allows users to exchange reward tokens (e.g., reward points, stamps, etc.) between different merchants and reward systems using blockchain technology.  Even if the tokens are not compatible with the framework’s blockchain, it can still enable exchanges between different systems, allowing users to receive equivalent rewards from a merchant using tokens from a different merchant.

Dynamic Product Labels for Compiling Custom Data from Supply Chain Nodes

Issued US Patent No: 10,977,456 and 11,556,726

A dynamic label is placed on a product that links data from different points in the supply chain.  Consumers can access this data to verify important information about the product’s quality, safety, and adherence to standards, ensuring it has not been tempered with or compromised. 

Creating Apparel that Provides Embedded Verification of a Transferable Non-Fungible Token

Issued US Patent No: 11,348,152 and 11,475,494

Apparel, wearable accessories, and/or other physical goods provide embedded verification of a NFT and ownership information.  By scanning the code, a person or system can verify a user’s possession of a product and the user’s information, which may then grant or deny access to services to the user


Peer to Peer Reward System

Pending US Patent No: 17/840,259

This system uses blockchain technology to create a reward system for product owners.  When the product owner interacts with a friend regarding a product, their actions are tracked, and they can receive incentives, such as customized content or joining discussion groups related to the product. 

Some Patents owned by Offstage, a portfolio company by Touchpoint World Wide.  Touchpoint World Wide has exclusive right to use patent.

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