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Frequently Asked Questions

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iOS: The rear top of your mobile device has the NFC reader. Unlock your phone to the home screen, hold against & wait for the prompt if you do not have the app. If you have downloaded the ‘Berify’ app, open and click the scan button & proceed to hold your mobile device against the NFC. 

Android/Other: The rear top or middle of your mobile device has the NFC reader. We recommend downloading the ‘Berify’ app for a seamless experience.

No, we offer an app clip which is the ‘lite’ experience however if you would like the full exclusive access and experience downloading the ‘Berify’ app is required.

This refers to unstable connection, please reset your cellular connection or ideally connect to wifi for the best results. 

Yes, we adhere to all privacy & security standards to ensure consumer data safety.

Do not try to open or remove any NFC as you will damage the internal semiconductor which will be unrepairable. 

Please reach out via our help service to speak with our customer service who are all humans!

You must download the ‘Berify’ app & create an account for the best experience. Follow the prompts by clicking ‘Redeem’ to connect your wallet ready for redemption.

You must download the ‘Berify’ app & create an account for the best experience. Follow the prompts on the pop up module to submit your information. Golden Ticket rewards are NOT handled by Berify, all information goes directly to the brand and/or company.

Please reach out via our help service to speak with our customer service who are all humans!

We offer the highest level of security on our products using a multi-layer protection system that expands into the physical hardware as well. This protects our hardware and your products from any risks of counterfeit or replication to ever occur.

The Berify dashboard allows you to control all aspects related to your NFCs such as batch creation, inventory management, heat maps, digital customization, activate/deactivate and much more. Designed for commercial use with multiple-users working within one account.
We have REST APIs for integration into both Android and iOS apps for authentication, product information, and customized product experiences.
Yes, via the dashboard, which allows you to monitor & update in real-time to ensure the consumer experience is always up to date.
We are hardware agnostic; we work with an array of technologies including NFC/RFID and NFTs. We mint on public EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible chains, including Polygon, Ethereum, and layer 2s for high scalability.

Users can create experiences as fast as they upload assets and information. Using our dashboard, creating experiences for your product takes only a few clicks.

An optional 20 minute session 1-on-1 to showcase all the features is included with every integration.

Yes, we offer multiple NFC/RFID solutions with integration suggestions and team support to provide further information for best selection.

We offer multiple ways to customize the tag’s material type, durability, color, size and graphics. We can also offer further customization to best integrate into your product upon request.

Please contact or submit an inquiry on our contact us page to receive a tailored quote to your integration and application.
Depending on application, our NFCs are designed to last a minimum of 10 years with warranty included. In most cases, they will outlive the duration of the product.
NFC, or ’Near-Field Communication’, is a protocol standard that allows two devices to communicate from a few inches apart. A popular implementation of NFC is to use passively powered chips (no battery necessary) embedded into products that become active when a device powers them on at close range. This technology has been used in a wide variety of use-cases for 20 years, including for Apple Pay, transit cards, and hotel room keycards.
Most consumer smartphones have NFC-reading capability built into their devices already. Users simply tap their phone to the tag to bring up Berify. Users can choose to either download our app or use a lightweight app clip that requires no installation.

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